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17 hours ago

Greg Olsen
“Let Him In” © Greg Olsen |

“Let Him In” © Greg Olsen | ... See MoreSee Less


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God Please Help our country to see their need of serving YOU 👏

Oh ya right on amen to that thank you jesus for the day.

Will you let in in he’s your only answer

The door only opens from the inside

Thete is no doorknob on His side. He can only come in if you open the door.

Some of my friends are soooo afraid to die. I am okay with it and if God calls me home right now, I have my life in order and I am ready. God is always in my heart and my thoughts, especially when I am worried or afraid of something.

Answer the door and welcome him into your life. So simple. Why not? Thank you Jesus for all you have done for me. Amen.

Amen! My heart is always open for our Father...Thanks be to God!

Beautiful love the picture amen

Amen ! My door is always open to Him

JESUS is My Everything.💖💞💕⚘ Amen.🕊

He can not open the door, there is no door knob. You must answer the knock at your hearts door!❤️

Amen. I am so thankful he lives in my heart

Amen-Jesus you are always welcomed

I love you. Jesus Christ from the bottom of my heart always welcome in my home say long as you want to please

Amen, it's your house you are welcome to enter and stay in it and more welcome to be in my heart my sweet Jesus 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤❤❤❤

Jesus is always welcome in my house my door is always open to him amen

Jesus is always welcome at my house!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️

Blessed indeed. I am so ever grateful for our Lord Jesus Christ

Amen, just beautiful Greg Olsen.

Amen, thank you JESUS

My door is always open to the Lord Jesus 🙏

Amen,I will open the door for Jesus

AMen your more than welcome

Keep up the faith amen

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3 days ago

Greg Olsen
“Melodies Remembered” © Greg Olsen |

“Melodies Remembered” © Greg Olsen | ... See MoreSee Less


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I just LOVE this ! ❤️

So true

So true

Amazingly beautiful

Beautiful picture love it

These are the memories to cherish. I still picture my little ones around our piano with our little poodle at their feet.

So true

so beautiful brings back memories of years gone bye

Beautiful Memories ⚘💖💞


So many songs to remember, When someone is playing the piano. Amen!

I lived this while playing the piano for Primary and taking care of my niece that always sat quietly by my side on the piano bench 😌

Love this!

Beautiful picture

So true ... this is so lovely, one of my many favorite paintings ❤️❤️🙏🙏

Always loved your paintings !


Music Is The Best Medicine, Ever! Could Not Be Happy Without My Music & Playing My Piano. MUSIC, WILL TOUCH YOUR HEART & MAKE YOUR DAY COMPLETE. ❤️🎶😍

Ahhhh Yes😘😘

I love this

Yes and beautiful

Love this. Thank you.

I would love to have this picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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4 days ago

Greg Olsen
“Don’t Forget to Pray” © Greg Olsen |

“Don’t Forget to Pray” © Greg Olsen | ... See MoreSee Less


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Wash your hands and pray Jesus and germs are everywhere

Have this hanging in my hallway---

Love this one Greg!!!! Many fond memories!

Always pray every night and morning AMEN, BEAUTIFUL PIC.

Amen thank you Father for all your blessings on my life,it gets better every songle day,

Love this picture. Bless you.

Amen I always pray every night before I go to bed

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for your blessings amen 🙏🙏🙏

My Dad always did this. He was a wonderful example.

Amen 🙏 thank you Jesus Christ for are blessing amen 🙏

Oh My GOD, it is a wanderful picture !AMEN! 💜💙💚🌺🌹🌷🍀

I love this beautiful picture of Greg Olson’s ! Amen to praying to our Heavenly Father!!!🙏❤️


We always have enough strength to fall to our knees.

Amen, thank you Lord for your love and protection..

I love talking to JESUS in prayer.

Amen,it's the only way

I wish I could heal but I can't get down but I pray all the time Amen thank you Lord

Always Kneel, And pray to the Lord Jesus Christ, For all things that matters in our lives and our Hearts, Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for each and every thing that you have done for us and me to be thankful for. Amen!& Amen!

Best advice I have ever heard. So well put.

Amen God bless. He answer my prayers. Keep the Faith.

Only time to knee for old mighty GOD

Beautiful painting Greg. God bless you all

This is me every night, I never forget to talk to our Maker

Beautiful painting and saying.

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2 weeks ago

Greg Olsen
“Nurtured by the Word” © Greg Olsen

“Nurtured by the Word” © Greg Olsen ... See MoreSee Less


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Thank youHeavenly Father, Amen

I love you Jesus thank you Father God for your mercy Amen

another beautiful work of art' yes god certainly knows what we need we are not just a number on the compurter he knows our name and our face ,,

Tanya Low I saw this and immediately thought of you. Flowers, maybe a little tea just your book is missing from this beautiful picture of how Christ knows what you need to get you through some tough days. Big hug to you my friend! Can’t wait to see you!

Amen God supplies me daily with my needs and his love and blessings 🙏♥️

Amen ✝️ Thank you Jesus for all your Blessings ❤️🛐

Thank you Jesus for saving my soul and being with me while I have been terrible sick I love you Jesus

God knows everything. I love that he is with me each day. Thank God for being with me.

Yes he does and He never fails us..

Amen, thank you Jesus.

Amen Thank You Jesus.

He's got my back and I love him. Amen and Praise Him.

This is outstanding !! I love your paintings.

Amen. I know my Heavenly Father Knows The storms that would my way oppose, But He can drive the clouds away, And turn the darkness into day. I know my Heavenly Father Knows The balm I need to soothe my woes And with His touch of Love divine He Heals this wounded heart of mine.

yes he does my family friends and my honey bear

Amen! When temptation comes, he’s always there, he knows just what I need!

Amen thank you jesus amen

Thank You Jesus, AMEN.

Amen God is good all the time

Yes lord you do know what I need and I know you are alway there .

I need for my stomach to be healed in the name of Jesus I pray amen thank you

I think this is my favorite of your paintings.

Thank you God for giving me another day amen

Thank you !! Amem!! 🌹❤️🙏Love you God!!

I am so ever grateful for all your Art work Greg and significant quotes. It always touches my heart and soul..

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2 weeks ago

Greg Olsen
“Light of the World” © Greg Olsen |

“Light of the World” © Greg Olsen | ... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

Love Greg Olsen's paintings!

I would be honored

Amen thank you lord for showing me the way.

Thank you! Lord Jesus Christ our savior Forever Amen 🙏

🕊💖🙏I wouldn't want to walk in any other. Ever.🙏💖🕊

Amen Thank You Lord For Being Our Light

I will. Thank you father for inviting me

Beautiful painting Greg and God bless you all

Beautiful 🙏❤️

Glory to god amen

He's altogether lovely.💗💗💗💗💗

Amen I will always love You Jesus.

I'd LOVE to ...


The Lord is my Shepherd

Yes amen 🙏🏻

Good News to Share - Unusual Events - I have been living in Beijing for the last two years and this is the driest place I have ever lived. Beijing is located near the edge of the desert and normal weather patterns rarely bring us rain. The city has adapted to the dry conditions and seems to get along just fine without it. Recent heavy rains were very unusual and caused problems. There is little drainage in this “dry” city and the record rainfall caused severe flooding and claimed a number of lives. The rains caused a sinkhole to open up on the Embassy compound and they had to shut off the water in our massive facility. Even my normal short walk home became a water-covered obstacle course. A series of unusual events have also occurred in Europe. A wave of terrorism swept across that normally safe destination. Europe was known for good food, beautiful places to see and enjoyable things to do. It was considered a place to get away from the trouble and violence that plagued other areas. Now terrorism has increasingly become their “new normal.” The US has its share of unusual events. This election season can’t be called “more of the usual.” Our politics has always been a bit rowdy, but there were some standards of behavior that kept the candidates within the boundaries. This time it is hard to even find the boundaries, if there are any left. While one candidate is making statements that would have gotten him thrown out in years past, the other was found to have recklessly handled our county’s most sensitive secrets. Even with their questionable behavior, both candidates are firmly positioned as their party’s nominees. Another unusual event was when “GOD so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him might not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16). Yes it happened 2000 years ago, but that is an unusual event for a god. Shouldn’t worshipers have to sacrifice themselves to earn the favor of their god? Shouldn’t the wrath of a god come down on his disobedient followers? That is the usual practice, but JESUS took the punishment we deserved and “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8 NIV). Now that was an unusual event. Wayne Lance (2016)

Yes amen thx jesus

Thank you for this picture and post today... I needed it.

Yes amen thank you Jesus

He restoreth my soul

Amen, show me the way Lord

Stay With me LORD, for YOU are my Light and without YOU I am in darkness.

Awesome works for Jesus. God bless you.

Amen thank you Jesus I will always love you !!!

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