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9 hours ago

Greg Olsen
“Dream Castles”
©️ Greg Olsen |

“Dream Castles”
©️ Greg Olsen |
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Always think positive and have faith on God 😊😊



Lord please touch my friend, heal them !!

I wish my dreams would come true but I know I have to leave it up to God.

Amazingly beautiful painting! Thank you for sharing that all may see the works of art that God has chosen you to be the master of!! ♥😍😇

Beautiful painting Greg. Thanks a lot and God bless you all

And that in Jesus name nothing AMEN


Amen 🙏

Amen thank you Lord for all my blessing amen

I love this!

Love this painting

Beautiful as always


True Didi


Knew this was yours. Thank you.

Amen 🍿

Amen amen and amen

Amen 🙏🏻




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2 days ago

Greg Olsen
“Abide With Me” © Greg Olsen |

“Abide With Me” © Greg Olsen | ... See MoreSee Less


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Y'all a lovely framed painting of Greg Olsen hangs in my home prior to my beloved Mom's passing this was her favourite painting which hung in her home

Fabulous! Greg Olsen's art is a true ministry.

ABIDE, O DEAREST JESUS, Among Us with Your Grace, That Satan may not harm us, Nor we to Sin give place. Abide with heavenly brightness Among us, precious Light; Your Truth direct, and keep us From error’s gloomy night. Amen. What an awesome Painting It is❤️! Wonderful!

I love this painting. It is very comforting. Thank you Greg for sharing your gift.🙏🏼

This is my favorite work of yours. The first time I saw the original, it was on display with a traveling tour. It made me weep very hard.....because for the first time, I had seen a visual representation of the way my mind has always pictured Jesus Christ. How I pictured "my" Jesus, if you will.

Amen thank you Jesus I pray it I claim it I believe it and I receive it in Jesus mighty name Amen

Amen Lord i need you i love you praise your holy name forever please lord forgive me of my sins help me lord mercy lord thanksgiving you lord amen

Thank You Lord Jesus Christ Our Savior Forever Amen 🙏

One of my favorites. So beautiful and gentle.

Happy Father’s Day Jesus only you can love us unconditionally

Abide with Me, one of my mom’s favorite hymns.

My mom is with him now and someday I will be to. Praise him.In my minds eyes this is how I picture Jesus.

When you have faith and you grab it and you never let it go it's just like having Jesus right there with his hand out

Would love to have this,how could I purchase this?

Yes lord my prayer for the day is 'Abide with me '


O yes I'll walk with u 4 ever amen

Take His out-stretched hand....

I know that I’m Might sin but I wanna walk with you forever


You are so incredibly talented!

Yea, Amen.

Love this so much!

Amen. Thank you God

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3 days ago

Greg Olsen
“Hope on the Horizon”
©️ Greg Olsen |

“Hope on the Horizon”
©️ Greg Olsen |
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Comment on Facebook

I love your paintings but often your captions on them I don’t love. Why not put scriptures on them?

I love the captions which you write on your beautiful paintings, dear Greg! They too are divinely inspired: Just light on the path! Thank you! God bless! <3

Matthew 14:23 (NKJV) And when He had sent the multitudes away, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray. Now when evening came, He was alone there.

In Jesus name we pray praise Yahweh give glory to our King of all kings bless Abba Father our Lord and Savior God is faithful, God is listening in God we trust in Jesus name amen and amen

Thank you Dear lord for blessing me with another day. Please Dear lord bless everyone. Thank you Dear lord. Amen

I have this picture, it's amazing!

On the wings of a snow white dove....He sends his pure,sweet love....a sign from above...🌹

Beautiful painting Greg. Thanks a lot and God bless you all

Beautiful picture! Thank you Lord Jesus !

You are a great and inspired artist



Beautiful. Love it. Amen !!!!

Beautiful painting you are blessed sir.

Beautiful! Peaceful & thought provoting! Thank you for sharing!

Sooooo beautiful

So touching and Beautiful!

amen thank You Lord

Amen thank you Lord


☺ Happy birthday

Amen Jesús nuestro pastor Amen

Amen, Beautiful


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4 days ago

Greg Olsen
“Cast Your Nets” © Greg Olsen |

“Cast Your Nets” © Greg Olsen | ... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

Jesus is stronger than anything. He will never let you down.

That amazing painting Mr.Olsen.Just beautiful.

Help me Amen

One of my favorite stories in the New Testament, the last chapter in John. The men are out fishing. Probably sad because Jesus had died and so here He is Jesus cooking breakfast on the shore. So loving. He gives opportunity to Peter by asking 3 times if he loves Him. 3 times he denied Jesus. How sweet. A sweet picture of how intimately Jesus loves.

I love your Art Work! It has to be a special gift from the Heavenly Father.

It says Remember the Faith is Stronger than fear. I wish it was easy to have enough Faith that your fears went away.

His paintings are beautiful I bought two of them.

Love this story of Jesus and His disciples!

Isn't this when he told them to cast on the other side of the boat. Then they had so many fish they could hardly handle them. With out our faith in our savior we really have nothing to hang on too. We will fall. Live my savior.❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️

Yes , when I think that Peter was walking on the water as long as he was focus on Christ! I can do anything !

Yes! Lord I am trusting you, I have faith you will deliver, hopefully soon! But that’s up to you!

Faith and fear cannot live together, you must choose one .

Thankyou lord for another beautiful day

cast your nets on the right side of the boat and they caught net breaking boat loads of fishes...:)

Yes Thank you Lord for your loving healing grace Love you

Beautiful just beautiful u are the best

Amen, If You Don,t Have Faith You Have Nothing 🌈🌈

Faith hope and love..GOD IS GREAT

This is so true amen amen amen

So touching and beautiful Greg!!!What a gift you have.

That's right if we can listen to that that is so true

Face can kick that fear right out of the room

Amen Lord please always watch over her

Love greg olsen art work

Always think positive and have faith on God 😊😊

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5 days ago

Greg Olsen
“The Arm Wrestle” © Greg Olsen |

“The Arm Wrestle” © Greg Olsen | ... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

Not always true. Not always true at all.

Bad title because it's not always true.

Love the picture but don't think a real Cowboy would put a pad down before they arm wrestled. Just saying!

His painting are Amazing! They all look so life like.... Thank You for sharing.

Beautiful painting Greg. Thanks a lot and God bless you all

Its a saddle blanket.

At times yes.





So true

amen :)




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