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22 hours ago

Greg Olsen
“Forgiven” © Greg Olsen |

“Forgiven” © Greg Olsen | ... See MoreSee Less


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Jesus my Lord you’re only my hope, I really need you please help me in this situation in my life. I’m so depressed I don’t know how it may work, it seems no way but I trust you so much and have faith that you will make a way, nothing is impossible with you. Please Father in heaven in Jesus Name I pray.

I need you more than ever right now GOD please help me I don't know what to do about this I love you always AMEN THANK YOU GOD

Thank you Lord for praying for me thank you for being there when I need you I am in a very depressed mood. I need you now Lord than more than ever I pray God that you will help to make my mine and my soul right ,Lord you are always right on time ,and now is the Time I need you thank you my Heavenly father ,thank you Lord 🙏🙏🙏

Thank You Lord for always praying for me. Thank You for being there when I had open heart surgery. Help me Lord with my recovery and should there be paid i ask dear Lord to be as painless as you can. I love you dearest Lord with all my heart and soul.

God the World needs you right now, is taking over right now with all the wars, diseases, disasters, families need you right now. All of us God right now to be our savior to be Our protector against evil of any and all kinds especially the drug problem.

Jesus I ask in your name to protect my family, myself and friends, and to give us our health and happiness and let there be peace on Earth!!!!! Amen

thank you lord for helping me threw 2 major operation and with your love im still my small family see your love .....and for give the ones that dont. blessed is the power of my lord .

Please Dear Jesus, my Savior Healing for my grandchild, Cameron, for my friend Craig and for my patient Ana, Thank you very much Love you Lord

Thank you JESUS for always being there when I need you the most in the darkest times when life gets hard. AMEN! 😇😇😇😇

Thank you Precious Lord for praying for me.I love you Jesus.


I am a Eucharistic minister in Our Lady of Lourdes and one of our minister is going for test please try to keep him well his name is Charlie

Thank you God for never giving up on me. I love you.

Thank you Lord for your patience and mercy and grace

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for another beautiful day today to be thankful for each and every thing that you have done for us and me. Amen!&Amen!

This says it all.Thank you Father.

I love you, Lord. Thank you for all that you are, all that I am, all that I have, all you've done for me, and all you have yet to do.

Amen thank you Lord for everything

This is where the hope lies and nowhere else!

Thank You Precious Lord For All The Prayers And The Blessings Love You With All My Heart !🙏🙏🙏🙏

Lord you know my needs I put my full trust in you for all my needs to be met.Amen Praise God

For Brandy Lynn & Dan. I am praying for you & your family & for the baby's surgery tomorrow.

Thank you Lord Jesus for praying for me, thank you Lord for your Love

Thank you Lord ! Thank you for being there for me when I need you !

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2 days ago

Greg Olsen
“Awesome Wonder” © Greg Olsen |

“Awesome Wonder” © Greg Olsen | ... See MoreSee Less


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Yes he does We just have to open our minds and our hearts to let him in. I need him every day. We talk a lot. Thank you Jesus for always being here for me. In Jesus name I pray.

Oh Lord, whose breath I hear in the winds and whose breath gives life to all the world, hear me, I am small and weak, I need your strength and wisdom. Let me walk in glory with you, make my hands respect the gifts your father has given me. Make my ears sharp to hear your voice. Make me wise so I may understand. Let me learn the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and rock. I seek strength not be greater than my brother, but to fight my greatest enemy - when life fades away as the setting sun, my spirit may come to you without shame.

Yes, so very true. Beautiful picture.

God pls fine house I go to look today pls god pray for I take pls go I need to move pls protec god Mayra Mercedes Quintana and Lucy ckon gimeme depósit pls 2000 I need to move 25 pls god amen

Thank you jesus amen Ameņ

Yes He Dose Speak To Me Everyday, I Thank You For Guiding Me In Every Ditection. AMEN🙌🙏

Amen. Come, my Soul, Thy suit prepares; Jesus loves to answer prayer; He Himself has bid thee pray, Therefore will not say thee nay; Thou art coming to a King, Large Petitions with thee bring, For His grace and Power are such, None can ever ask too much, Lord, I come to Thee for rest, There a Thy blood brought right maintain! Oh, what an awesome picture It is! I amazed at!

Oh Yes He does!!Although most people aren't willing to listen to His voice,you must seek Him.

Try silence for 18 years! I've had only one prayer answered in all that time!

Beautiful picture. Amen thank you Jesus

Amen I will listen to you anytime

He speaks to me often, last night to read Samuel, psalms and John

Yes, he certainly does!

Amen , yes He does ! Thank you Lord !

I need to be still and know that He IS GOD. Amen


Ion Jesus name amen thank you father amen

I'm listening Lord

Beautiful & peaceful!!!!!

amen I talk to the lord everyday

Amen. " ALWAYS ".!!!💙

Amen 🙏🏻

Amen thank you Lord for everything


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3 days ago

Greg Olsen
“Mountain Grandeur” © Greg Olsen |

“Mountain Grandeur” © Greg Olsen | ... See MoreSee Less


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I Have Given It All To God I Am Happy Just Being Me.


Lord I have put my faith in you. Be with us today. Amen. Most of all THANK you GOD.


Thank you Heavely Father each day you give me on this earth.Your Alsome Heavely Father.Amen


how bautiful

Thank you Jesus

I hope so, because all I can see now is nothing ahead of me

Lord I pray whatever is happening it’s your will!


Love this.

In Jesus name I receive it thank you father amen

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for each and every thing that you have done for us and me to be thankful for. Amen!&Amen!

I believe you Lord Amen 🙏

Standing on this every day ! Amen Jesus........ Thank you !

Thank you Dear Lord Amen


Amen I trust you my Lord, you will make a way as if seems no way.

I am waiting for u lord. I am praying for you lord. I have faith in you lord. Amen





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5 days ago

Greg Olsen
“The Dandelion”
©️ Greg Olsen |

“The Dandelion”
©️ Greg Olsen |
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My youngest grandson followed his brothers by giving me dandelions. So precious!

Saying goodbye to my neighbors-as they walked away, the youngest ripped from her MOTHER'S hand, reached down and picked a dandelion and she ran back to me, giving me her gift-my memory.

Beautiful pic

Love all pictures with smiling Jesus, because that is how I picture Him

Please father help change me so that it is your will, love, hope and faith that reside in this life you so have blessed me with. In your name Jesus I pray. Amen

This picture reminds me of my son,Jeff. He picked me dandelions. I kept a small vase on the kitchen table. They were beautiful and always fresh. He would bring them everyday. Barb

So beautiful, thank you for sharing your inspirational pictures. Most days I need to see them because of things happening in my life.

Amen, to much negativity in the world today.

In Jesus name Amen !

an excellent reminder...look for the rose and not the thorn....I'm working on this

We all need to do that. All we hear anymore is the bad

GOD has a purpose even for dandelions, not sure what but he does, so his purpose for us is bigger

so touchin made me cry i dont know why maby i wish i could tslk to him on a beautifil day.

I need this reminder right now Thankyou


Thank you very much for your life love for all of us amen

Yes amen



Just Beautiful! SOoooo Sweet!!!

In Jesus name I receive it thank you father amen


Beautiful picture



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6 days ago

Greg Olsen
“Denim to Lace”
©️ Greg Olsen |

“Denim to Lace”
©️ Greg Olsen |
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Comment on Facebook

Mary Ann DeLoach, share this with zoe.

Love, Love ALL Of Your Beautiful Paintings! They Are Gorgeous!

The most amazing and inspiring artist ever!!!! Love your work, it touches my heart every time I see one.💖🐻

I love this painting! I'm so grateful for it! 💖🌺🌟


What a wonderful artist you are!

Beautiful ... like my great-granddaughters ... love the comparison & message to young girls ❤️🙂❤️🙂


One of my favorites.

I was like that growing up




Hannah Ernest Requa this is for you

Christine Griffin-Putnam

Natalie Pollock

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