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5 hours ago

Greg Olsen
“Beside Still Waters” © Greg Olsen |

“Beside Still Waters” © Greg Olsen | ... See MoreSee Less


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Not an easy challenge, to be sure.

That would be a nice thing to be able to do.

Wow that's hard to do

Beautiful painting Greg. God bless you all


Thank You.. Amen 💖🙏🏻😊

Thank you some days it is hard


I love them i have one


This painting is my favorite



Amen! 💛

Help me lord 😫🙏

Amen beautiful






Amen !



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2 days ago

Greg Olsen
“Be It Ever So Humble”
©️ Greg Olsen |

“Be It Ever So Humble”
©️ Greg Olsen |
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Amen, Lord please let the light of thy word shine deep within my heart.

If it is on the inside. It will shine brighter on the outside.

Looks like my grannys old house in Tn. She has a mansion now.

amen thank You Lord. blessings brother

Yes the light of the Lord Amen Amen Amen Amen

Good News to Share - Beautiful People - When you hear about the “beautiful people” what comes to mind? Do you think of celebrities, the wealthy, or of physically beautiful people? The media who label celebrities “beautiful people” also report on their scandals and troubled relationships. Life in the spotlight can lead celebrities to drug and alcohol abuse, struggles to keep their looks, and extreme behavior to stay in the headlines. Surely with enough money the wealthy are beautiful? Money overcomes many constraints the rest of us have. The wealthy try to fill their lives with things, people and pleasure. Boredom leads to excess and trouble, but their money often gets them out. Physical beauty is seen as a ticket to happiness. Who doesn’t want to be attractive? If that is the answer, why are they so miserable? Broken relationships, sex tapes and bad decisions seem to haunt these “beautiful people.” Other qualities of beautiful women are often ignored because of their looks. The world is ready to use them and toss them aside when their beauty fades. Let’s look at another kind of beauty. We see beauty in the innocence of a child, but I met “beautiful” children who kept their innocence, even as they became young adults. They matured and were educated, surpassing their peers, but were untainted by the world around them. They got this beauty from their parents, who loved them enough to train them up in the way that they should go. Another beauty is found in a mother sacrificing for her children. One such mother trained her children at home and then sacrificed herself to work overseas to support them. Living as a Godly example, her children see her beauty and follow it to begin beautiful lives of their own. My wife is one of the “beautiful people.” No, she won’t be on the cover of a magazine or in the news, but her beauty is plain to see. Yes, she spoils me and our daughter and her family, but that is expected. I would understand if this woman who grew up in poverty was tight with money, but her heart goes out to the poor and she has to help. She gives generously “because it makes people so happy” or “because I would have liked for someone to help me before.” Real beauty is when she buys what she doesn’t want from an old lady “because it looks like she hasn’t sold much.” This kind of beauty comes from our Heavenly Father, who sacrificed his son, so we could become sons of GOD. It was reinforced by JESUS who was untainted by the world and became the spotless sacrifice we needed to take our sins away. Wayne Lance (2014)

Beautiful scene <3

Amen lov this pitcure

Thanks Jesus Christ our Lord amen amen amen amen amen amen amen amen amen yes yes yes amen

The light of the spirit is in all of us

Wow! Look at that the light! Nice work. What an artist!

So beautiful Amen !



Showing off the beautiful handi work of the Lord


Amen yes it is



So beautiful.

Very nice! 😊


Amen 🙏

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5 days ago

Greg Olsen
“Way of Joy”
©️ Greg Olsen |

“Way of Joy”
©️ Greg Olsen |
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You have such a gift for making Him appear as one of us--a normal human being. And He was with one Major difference. He was God in a human body. ❤

What a beautiful portrayal of Jesus and a disciple. . . and in the world that Jesus made!!!

Aeeeeeeeey God thank you for Jesus

Abiding joy is found in Christ alone. Thank you Lord!!!

Would love to Jesus smile at me that way!

It brings a sense of love and caring beautiful picture

Beautiful Art work

I have this one. It’s one of my favorites!

I love his pictures. I don’t have very many (2). But I still love them.

Yes, Amen

This is very true none of us do this enough

Beautiful painting Greg. Thanks a lot and God bless you all 😊😊



I love this portrait!

Keeping your eyes on the cross....

The Joy of the Lord is my strength!!!

What a beautiful special moment expressed in your work.

Be happy and spread happiness in this universe 😊😊

He walked among man. He came to be with us. We r joint sites with christ.


Enjoy the sunshine. ...

Another great picture Greg Olsen

Love this pic

Beautiful picture

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6 days ago

Greg Olsen

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Good and Bad People - I used to view people as either good or bad. After many years of traveling around the world, I now see there are “good” people in every place and “bad” people that can be “good” if changed by GOD. Perhaps instead of bad, they should be called “potentially good” people? In the news, we see Christians are being persecuted and dying for their faith in countries we may have once written off as being bad. I have always heard about persecution and now that I have seen more of those faces, I find myself praying instead of writing them off. Once thought to be firmly on the “bad” list, China now has more Christians than any other country. Yes, the numbers are partly due to their huge population, but they have endured well-documented persecution. As their country’s economy improves the Church in China continues to grow, unlike churches many Western countries. Other places I used to write off were some of the chronically troubled African and South American nations. They always seem to be plagued with corruption, war and poverty. In recent years, some of those nations have become known for great spiritual moves of GOD. They move closer to GOD, as more stable nations move farther away. South America has some of the largest and fastest growing Christian congregations. While stationed in Moscow, we met Africans at our international Church who were persecuted and frequently viciously attacked in public. Under those circumstances, they were faithful in Church, active in all ministries and even held leadership roles. Watching Ebola wreak havoc in Liberia, we might tend to “write it off.” I met a young Liberian a few years ago, who works for our Embassy in Monrovia. Having grown up in such a troubled nation, I was impressed with his love for his family, his country and his GOD. I pray for him and everything he holds dear. During troubled times, people turn to GOD. That happened in the US during The Great Depression and during the World Wars. We saw it briefly after 9/11, but the emergencies passed and many returned to “normal” life. Now what was once called “evil” has become the new normal. Does that make us “bad” people? Like Israel in the Old Testament, we forgot GOD after the crisis passed. I pray we as a nation will remember GOD and not have to go through destruction like they did. The good news is, GOD didn’t write us off. He wants a personal relationship with us. He won’t go by headlines or popular opinion. We are “bad” until GOD makes us “good.” That goodness can never be taken away because it is not ours. It is the goodness of JESUS. Wayne Lance (2014)

Good for my daughter in heaven but extremely tough for me here.

I love you Lord Jesus

Blessings to all here Today Amen

Yess..always think positive and have faith on God 😊😊

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for each and every thing that you have done for us. Amen! and Amen!

Amen yes Lord Jesus amen and thank God for you amen thank amen thank amen thank amen thank God for you amen thank amen

Oh How Beautiful, Thank You Dear Jesus For All My Blessings , AMEN

Thank you Jesus for the coming blessings

What a beautiful picture, of my Lord and Master!

I like this picture because it is a somewhat "generic" depiction of Christ. However, it is my recollection that as a "rabbi", He would only pull His shawl over His head when teaching, or speaking publicly, as in when He was in a synagogue or the Temple.

Thank you Heavenly Father amen

Lord I could really use some good luck and news

Thank you Jesus! I love you and thank you for all my blessings!

I love you Lord an I lift my voice to worship you oh my soul rejoice...

I certainly hope so... getting pretty bad here on Earth.

We have heaven to look forward to.

I know I have a store of blessing waiting for me. Thank you Jesus.

Thank you Lord for being here for me and my family

True because The Bible says so.

amen better always be the lord make it better for us

Look for the Good in all people .

Good and bad with both past and future!

Amen thank you Jesus taking my sins love you Amen

I am looking for the better

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1 week ago

Greg Olsen
“Side by Side”
©️ Greg Olsen |

“Side by Side”
©️ Greg Olsen |
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This reminds me of my sister * I. She w/the blonde curls & me w/ dark straight hair .lol

This picture reminds me of the sweet, wonderful times I spent reading to my little daughter. So glad that I read to her every night, and during the day. She still loves to read now, as an adult. The Great Gift Of Reading!

This is so sweet. Love it and why you chose it. We are really the last ones that are a real family. Good times to remember.😗

Amen. In Your Presence There is fullness of joy At Your right hand There are Pleasures evermore You surrounds us With Your favour O LORD The earth is full of Your goodness The earth is filled with Your Love Exceedingly abundantly Far above all we could ever as or think Exceedingly abundantly You give us all things to Enjoy.

Love this picture together with Sisters. I wish that I have a Sister to hang out with.

What absolutely cozy corner-place to unwind & read together!💗☺💃

This reminds me of our two little people.....

And I’ll always be right there.❤️😘

Yes Thank you blessings 💖💓💖


Love this painting!

Sweet pic Mandy Petty. Could be our little girls. ❤️

So beautiful

This painting always reminded me of Tamma and Teresa Barney. Pat

Beautiful picture.

Beautiful painting Greg. Thanks a lot and God bless you all


This picture reminds me of our two oldest girls.

How much is a print of this picture?😂

Amen 🙏

awwwwwwwww so sweet

Amen,Love this picture!!!!!

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