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April 17th –  Congratulations to Nikki Densmore who was randomly selected as the winner of the Greg Olsen Giveaway for a framed 16×20 print of “Consider the Lilies”. 

Consider the Lilies Special

January 30th – (Sorry we forgot to post this to the blog!) Congratulations to Leilani Beck, Travis Longley, & Mia Dattero who were randomly selected as the winners of the Greg Olsen Giveaway for a free Combo #1 (

Thinking about Summer…

My daughter, Kylie, threw this video together of our family’s summer vacation this year. It’s a few months late but I figure with it being a whopping 30 degrees outside, it’s a perfect time to reminisce on warmer weather. Kylie was too busy BEHIND the camera, and our daughter Heather and her family live in Texas; so even though we’re missing some very important people in this, I’m very thankful for all of these hooligans.