Bon Voyage by Greg Olsen


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“Bon Voyage” © Greg Olsen

Childhood Art painting by Greg Olsen

Out the call went, ‘twas the day to embark,
“All aboard on Noah’s gopher-wood ark!”

They came, every creature; they came, two by two,
They all came for a ride on that big floating zoo.

When they arrived, some could not understand,
How a boat could be made to float on dry land!

They searched for an answer, but none could be found,
Because, quite simply, there was no water around.

Noah, undaunted, said, “The Lord will provide.
Please grab your partner, and then come inside.”

But a few of those creatures were still filled with doubt,
They said to the others, “You go ahead; we’re staying out.”

Then they started to laugh, and they started to mock
“The poor foolish creatures” in line at the dock.

“Bon Voyage! Please have a nice trip;
Send us a post card,” they yelled with a quip.

Amidst taunting, the last passenger boarded the ark,
The door was shut tight; the sky began to grow dark.

While slapping their knees, they roared at the ship,
And while shaking their heads—-one felt a drip.

And thus, the question is answered, as it thunders and pours,
As to whatever happened to all of the great dinosaurs.

by Greg Olsen