Daddy’s Little Girl by Greg Olsen


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“Daddy’s Little Girl” © Greg Olsen

Childhood Art painting by Greg Olsen

It doesn’t seem so long ago that her mother placed her in my arms,
Back then, I held her close to me, to keep her safe from harm.

We chose a name to give her and looked forward to the day,
When she would speak her first words; maybe “Daddy” is what she’d say.

It was just a minor disappointment that caused my brow to furrow,
When she made the sound of “ma ma,” even though she’s Daddy’s little girl.

Now I look and see she’s growing up; the years fly by like days,
I’d love so much to keep her young and watch the way she plays.

She dresses up and acts the part of a bride on her wedding day,
And my eyes grow moist when I realize that someday she’ll go away.

It doesn’t seem too far off when another will take her from my arm,
Giving her a different name, and so I ask, “Please keep her safe from harm.”

Someday she’ll be a woman, with her own future to unfurl,
But in my heart, I’ll hold her close; forever Daddy’s little girl.

by Greg Olsen