Formal Luncheon by Greg Olsen


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“Formal Luncheon” © Greg Olsen

Childhood Art painting by Greg Olsen

So nice of you to invite me dear
Now what’s the latest, I’m dying to hear.

How’s your baby? She’s such a doll!
Why, you’ve lost weight, you’re so small.

Love that outfit, it’s just divine,
I adore your hat – do you like mine?

This food looks lovely, you never fail,
Oops! I must get a manicure – I think I just broke a nail!

Well thanks so much, I’ve been glad,
For this formal luncheon we have had.

Yes, we must do this again – and very soon,
You say how about tomorrow promptly at noon?

Sorry, I’m busy tomorrow – you know, schedule crunch,
How about next week, let’s do lunch!

by Greg Olsen