Fountains of My Youth by Greg Olsen


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“Fountains of My Youth” © Greg Olsen

Childhood Art painting by Greg Olsen

Fountains have long inspired thoughts of eternal youth and well-being. They have become a legendary site for registering those secret wishes of our hearts. Of course, we know that the fountain’s powers are born purely of myth and fancy, and yet we are left to explain why it seems quite impossible, while splashing our bare feet in a fountain pool, to maintain any air of dignity or adult sophistication, or to keep at bay the wave of childish giddiness that floods over us. Why does some instinctive urge cause us to reach in our purse or pocket and cast our coins into the water and our wishes to the sky with all the hopefulness of a child?

Here at the fountain, within the villa garden, you can take your shoes off, cool your feet, and cast your coins, and make your every wish come true.

by Greg Olsen