Pleasure Of Your Company by Greg Olsen


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“Pleasure of Your Company” © Greg Olsen

Childhood Art painting by Greg Olsen

A pillared porch and a wicker chair,
Sunlight gleams on haloed hair.

Making translucent the flowered vine,
Warming the place on which it shines.

Waffle creams and punch for tea,
All for the pleasure of your company.

Bows and lace and dresses of pink,
Cups and saucers that tinkle and clink.

Seated here is the honored guest,
A porcelain doll in an elegant dress.

She’s so well-mannered and polite,
But she doesn’t have much of an appetite.

No need to worry if the guest doesn’t eat,
Just being together is a most splendid treat.

by Greg Olsen