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…The Kingdom of God is Within You

Sacred Space Web
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My newest painting “Sacred Space” was inspired by the scripture in Luke 17:21,”… For, behold, the kingdom of God is within you”. Sacred Spaces evoke feelings that not only heal and inspire but also help us discover our higher selves and our oneness with the Creator. Often times we connect these spaces to physical, sanctified locations… but, as the Savior suggested, some Sacred Spaces are not limited by such boundaries. Any space becomes sacred when it transforms our mind and awakens our soul to discover the Kingdom of God, not only around us, but also within us. For me this piece represents a divine invitation to enter into those higher realms, a space of peace filled with His love and presence.

The chronic effects caused by the frantic pace of modern life seem to be contagious to our inner soul and consciousness. Like most everyone else, my daily life can be hectic and it can often feel far from spiritually inspiring. As a result, it’s not hard to experience fear, discouragement, depression, anger, doubt and general negativity. I have found that regular meditation has created for me a special “sacred space” to which I can retreat and let the world and its persistent symptoms fall away.

Meditation has become a rejuvenating refuge, a therapeutic cocoon from which I can reorient my perspective. People often ask me where my artistic inspiration comes from. I most often find it in my own inner sanctuary which I can enter through the stillness of personal prayer and meditation. This sanctuary serves as a portal to realms that at times seem heavenly. This is where I feel God’s love and inspiration. This is where I also become more familiar with what I think of as my Higher Self. This is a place  personally accessible to each one of us!

– Greg


25 thoughts on “…The Kingdom of God is Within You

  1. Uh Greg….IT IS BREATHTAKING!! I wish I had the money to buy a huge one for above my stairs…SOMEDAY!! <3 ya! GREAT JOB!! Any giveaways to enter for this???

  2. By the time the Apostle John began to write the story of Jesus’ life and teachings, the early Christians had experienced so much trouble with the kingdom-of-God idea as a breeder of persecution that they had largely abandoned the use of the term. John talks much about the “eternal life.” Jesus often spoke of it as the “kingdom of life.” He also frequently referred to “the kingdom of God within you.” He once spoke of such an experience as “family fellowship with God the Father.” Jesus sought to substitute many terms for the kingdom but always without success. Among others, he used: the family of God, the Father’s will, the friends of God, the fellowship of believers, the brotherhood of man, the Father’s fold, the children of God, the fellowship of the faithful, the Father’s service, and the liberated sons of God.(UB170:2.24)

  3. The creature not only exists in God, but God also lives in the creature. “We know we dwell in him because he lives in us; he has given us his spirit. This gift from the Paradise Father is man’s inseparable companion.” “He is the ever-present and all-pervading God.” “The spirit of the everlasting Father is concealed in the mind of every mortal child.” “Man goes forth searching for a friend while that very friend lives within his own heart.” “The true God is not afar off; he is a part of us; his spirit speaks from within us.” “The Father lives in the child. God is always with us. He is the guiding spirit of eternal destiny.” (UB3:1.4)

  4. Love the whole log. The Holy One, the creator of the universe is truly as close as the air we breathe. All we need to do is slow down and take a breath. He is truly the air we breathe. Think of it! The God of the Univers is that close.

  5. I am mesmerized by this picture. It is my favorite of all your artwork. I just can’t say enough about it’s beauty, and then your added thoughts and inspiration are the topping on the cake. I love, love , love this! You are such a wonderful artist, but you have really outdone yourself with this one. I know each person has their own favorite, and this one is mine.

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