Hope on the Horizon by Greg Olsen


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“Hope on the Horizon” © Greg Olsen | Christian Art by Greg Olsen

“In the midst of this panoramic vista Christ stands looking to the horizon and to a city which symbolizes Heaven, or the Kingdom of God; the Kingdom of God, meaning not only a place, but a concept, a spiritual destination for the believing and the pure in heart. On the left we see dark storm clouds and a rugged outcropping. This side represents the stormy, rocky and troubled world we often find ourselves experiencing. It reminds us of the despair and fear caused by the dark forgetfulness we journey in. We often wander with only a dim view of who we really are, where we are going or even where we came from.

With His staff, Christ divides the scene in two, identifying the contrasting experiences and making us aware that He is giving us a choice between the two worlds. Coming to Christ gives us a perspective of hope and peace, symbolized by the doves, where we can now see clearly. This outlook fills us with gratitude and love which casts out all fear. Christ reminds us that He has weathered the storm for us and trod the rocky path in our behalf so that we may have joy here and now depending on what part of the panorama we choose to focus our awareness on. He is the living water that flows with pure love and carries us to that transcendent place of peace and happiness. With Christ’s perspective we can experience heaven not only as a distant hope on the horizon, but as our sanctuary moment by moment.”

by Greg Olsen