The Master’s Touch by Greg Olsen


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“The Master’s Touch” © Greg Olsen | Christian Art by Greg Olsen

Discouraged and alone, we’re not easily consoled
The school of life gets difficult, just as we were told.

Doubt shrinks us at the threshold of the darkened way,
Despair creeps in upon us and is hard to keep at bay.

Light now dims as the shadows grow in length
Heaviness engulfs us; we stop to pray for strength.

It seems we’re going nowhere; life’s a dead end street,
Relief is what we plead for, when it all feels like defeat!

The fun has disappeared; dropping out is on our mind,
The test has overwhelmed us, the answers hard to find.

In these trying moments we must stop and be so still
That we can feel His promptings and know that they are real.

Only then can we be ready to sense the Master’s touch,
To know He’s always there and that He loves us very much!

He knows just how we feel He’s been this way before,
He’s also climbed these steps He’s walked this corridor.

He is our tender tutor sent here to be our guide,
All wisdom opens to us when He is by our side.

Earth’s halls are not so dim when the Master lights the way,
He reveals a “world of wonder” that brings joy throughout our stay.

Hand in hand He’ll lead us to a life that never ends,
To a brighter day in a world unseen, together eternal friends.

by Greg Olsen