Come Follow Me by Greg Olsen


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“Come Follow Me” © Greg Olsen | Christian Art Collection

The title “Come Follow Me” suggests that there is a course of travel that Christ is familiar with that if followed will lead us beside the still waters. I grew up on a sheep farm in Idaho and as a young boy experienced the need to find calm waters for our sheep. If the waters were too turbulent their fears and anxieties would prevent them from drinking the life giving water they needed. In like manner, the Lord knows how to lead each of us to our own inner place of stillness where we can drink of those living waters that feed and sustain our spirits.

In those inner places of calm and peace the world within us begins to reflect the world above us. What we then experience is that wonderful phenomenon of being in the world but not of the world. We begin to experience heaven right here on earth. That experience is what brings a peaceful smile to our faces even though we may still travel through the common trials and difficulties of mortal life.

The staff is also part of that same comforting concept as we are taught in Psalms 125:3: “Yea, when I walk in the valley of shadow, I will fear not evil to me; for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff comfort me.”

The staff represents Christ’s power, the power of truth and goodness, the power to lead, guide and comfort us. Unlike the fickle reeds which bend in every direction according to the prevailing winds, his strong staff of power and goodness is constant, unchanging and true.

This image, “Come Follow Me”, is an invitation to spiritually follow in the footsteps of Jesus and to see life as he sees it. By doing so our life’s journey can be transformed, our perspective comes from a higher place and our experience increases in love, peace and true happiness.

by Greg Olsen