Melodies Remembered by Greg Olsen


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“Melodies Remembered” © Greg Olsen

Childhood Art painting by Greg Olsen

Loving moments, like family heirlooms, are precious keepsakes and memories that intertwine to become the melody of our lives. We keep near us treasured tokens of cherished days that pass all too quickly. Cedar-lined chests hold souvenir dolls and dresses, mementos that bring back to life the wonder of toddlers talking to themselves in a world of their own, of little arms that hug tightly and of lips that unashamedly offer kisses. The hands of time move like a magic wand and our young cherubs soon bloom into more mature and gracious beauties, but nothing melts the heart quite like the face of an innocent child. These are moments we memorize and replay in our minds like an old favorite tune, and we can’t help but smile once again.

by Greg Olsen